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Sylvie had the honor to dub the voices of Charlize Theron, Glenn Close, Jodie Foster, Jessica Chastain, Rosamund Pike and many others. She has an extensive experience in voiceover as an actor and director from dubbing feature films to video games, documentaries, commercials and much more. She is completely bilingual since 3 years old and has lived and studied in both countries. She speaks an impeccable Parisian French and Spanish, and is fluent in English. Sylvie is also a Singer, vocal coach, TV host and voice talent for NBCUniversal.

French mix Voiceover -
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Strong French accent in English -
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Spanish Latino - Animation / Narration Mix -
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Spanish Latino - Commercial / Promo -
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 Wide character range and EXTREME EMOTION!
Children's voices, teenagers and Women.

Castilian Spanish Animation & Films

Enews NBC Los angeles Host voice

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